Debates and the Future of our Democracy

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While the build up to the debate I witnessed last night was intense, including a week filled with the death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg and the announcement that our current president would be appointing a new supreme court judge before election day. 

How does this effect my life and the life of the young mom's and their mother's who are living through this historic time.

My mother has died as I discussed in my last blog.  Each day during the time I would visit her and during covid I have made sure that I put on my diamond stud earrings, a little makeup and dressed for the day like I had 3 appointments.  

Blessed with loyalty my customers are slowly reopening their businesses and finding extra items like Mindy Harris Juvenile Jewelry a needed part of their basic stock.  

Just when I thought this year would be my last in the children's jewelry business I started receiving monthly orders from my customers throughout the United States and from loyal stores whom we sell wholesale. 

I have always focused on the wholesale side of my business.  How these small stores and even the very large have faired is very distressing.  Two excellent companies that did not find a way to maintain their website are gone.  From my early years Babies R Us is gone.  More recently, Tuesday Morning is the victim of Covid and the chocking feeling of inventory with no sales. 

Without healthcare options for all American with any preexisting condition store's cannot be assured that when they hire an employee that their workers will be able to stay healthy, or more dangerously, report to work sick.  When workers are unable to pay bills without earning their day's pay they come to work sick.  This is how my mother died. 

For women, even religious women to lose the choice of how to care for their bodies is contrary to my belief and how I have lived my life.  I love to see parents who love their children.  When money is short and benefits don't exist and schools are unable to open safety many young children do not get a hot meal in our country.  People are using food banks and have been unable to celebrate life celebrations this year.

No communions, no baptisms were witnessed by large groups.  Families are making memories in a very closed pod environment. Grandparents are unable to witness life events.  

When once buys a piece of jewelry as a gift it lasts a lifetime.  The events of life can be celebrated at a later day.  The act of gifting can be done regardless of the social distancing restrictions.

Please remember to make memories out of gold.  I see my mother's jewelry box each day and look at the items she treasured from her youth.  I enjoy viewing her when she was young knowing that her life was long and that she will only be remembered by our President and "one is too many," she will only be a statistic.

One day we will flourish in a true democracy again.  I encourage all eligible voters to vote on elections day.  Wear a mask and do it for the women that came before you.  Do it for the Mom who dressed you, fed you, drove you all over the place, taught you to polish your nails, put on lipstick and how to find love and share it. 

Add those special touches to your daily life.  It will show your children that each day alive is a celebration in our world today.

Wishing all a Good Year ahead and praying each of you cast a vote on November 3, 2020.

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