Who is Mindy Harris?

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After a month or two of living as a full time at- home mom back in 1997 before smart phones, pay pal payments, and Amazon,  Mindy Harris Jewelry was born. Extending thanks to her friends from Mexico who did not let her leave the hospital without her baby wearing a small 14KT diaper pin with symbolic charms a small business was also incubating.
About a month later she was invited to sell the pins and assorted evil eye jewelry to Mom's in Florida. Instead Mindy went door with a small bag at first Mindy and  recognized that the selection of baby jewelry available in baby shops was none existent.  Gold was $300 per oz and a business was born buying and selling to shops all over Florida, New York and California.  The retailers selling our jewelry use our brand as private label.  One can be pleasantly surprised where you will find our small white earring boxes on display today.
Today Mindy is involved in her business, her local synagogue and still being an at home Mom incubating another new idea and business. To be continued.

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