18 KT Gold Layering charms

  • $ 13.00

18 KT gold layered gold charms and chains.

Medium weight.

Non gold core.

Both teen and Moms are loving the elongated chain that the famous french jewelry designer uses along with the elongated figaro that is used by a international brand from Italy.

World class quality, polish and smoothness at a fraction of the cost.

Made in Brazil.

Symbols of luck and love are so fun to mix and match.

Boxed for gifting.

Shown below.

Right to Left.

A. Skinny elongated chain 24 inch

     1. Starburst tag

     2. Oval Eye

B. Medium elongated France's jewelry designer chain 

     1. Moon and star tag

      2. Round eye with stones

C.  Heavy 16 inch basic Elongated Chain 

      Wear alone or with large charms.

D.  Fashion Elongated Figaro Link Chain 24 inch

      1. MAMA bar tag

       2. Lucky eye symbol

E.   Fashion Elongated Figaro Link Chain 18 inch

       1. Letter tag

        2. Shell

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