Delta Variant is not a Sorority

Posted by Mindy Harris on

While living in Florida has paradise around every corner it has become difficult to tell whether or not an international health crisis is occurring. Delta Variant seems to have brought many many more folks together in Florida to start wearing masks. Seems like telling Floridians not to do something is a sure way to get them to act and it seems to be working. 

All humor aside the perils of covid are real and at this time I want to take a moment to also acknowledge the real peril of sink holes.   God took over 150 souls from us has month in a tragedy in Surfside outside of Miami Beach and Miami.  The lives lost will be remembered every time their names are mentioned and there will be those who will have prayers said for them when no one else is praying for them. 

I have been a part of this community for 32+ years and want to wish everyone a safe, sweet and healthy New Year ahead.  

Delta Variant is not a Jewish Sorority, its a terrible virus.   As a night school teacher I pray that all parents keep providing masks to their children to help keep them and their community safe from harm.

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