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We protect our kids with lotions and creams all summer long. Whether they are wearing earrings gold or  silver or a combination with enamel coloring the we offer a few easy suggestions.

To maintain the color on your enamel earrings, when applying lotion try to avoid placing lotion directly on the earrings. After swimming rinse your child and their ears with clear water. If removing the jewelry dry thoroughly before storing. 

The only jewelry that does not heat up on a hot day is real jewelry. Be safe and purchase pure metals.

Avoid stainless steel in the summer or plated gold jewelry. The later is made from tin or brass and other softer metals for molding and can crack, heat up and bend in the hot summer sun. Stainless steel jewelry can become extremely hot, like a stainless frying pan, if worn outside during a hot summer day.

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Seems like just when you found the perfect pearl necklace you hold it up and see it is sized for you, not your child.

Our company creates and sells kid sized jewelry.

Our products are also guaranteed for lifetime restringing.

An average newborn bracelet is 4.5 inches. For babies over 6 months the correct size is 4.75 inches.  Shopping for a 1 year old select 5 inches.  Seeking a perfect easter or communion necklace and bracelet select size 6 inches for a bracelet and 14 inches for the necklace. All Happy Pearl sterling silver necklaces include 1 three inch extender.

To confirm that you are buying real pearls simply rub them across your front teeth. If the texture feel rough you are holding real pearls.

Thinking about what would happen if your child nibbled through the silk string many kids necklaces are strung with? 

Well to avoid a possible choking hazard we string our pearls on a nylon coated wire.  If the child were able to break their necklace their pearls would simply fall to the floor and not drop into their mouth.

Shopping for Happy Pearls by Mindy Harris assures safety, genuine pearls, real 14K gold parts and a lifetime of wear.

Our heirloom quality can be passed from generation to generation.

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Did you know Mindy Harris has a trained staff to come to your home and pierce  your child's ears? 

We offer our service from newborn to ages 21 and up.

It is a concierge service with a fee of $39 within 5 miles and $59 anywhere in South Florida. ( Both ears simultaneously add $30 to the job).

We include a bottle of antiseptic for post piercing at no extra charge versus the mall store which sells this item.

We use the same system and cartridge enclosed earrings offered at a popular mall girls shop. The system covers medical liability.

With over 10 years experience we provide gentle, sterile and accurate piercing of the ear lobe or re piercing of troubled ear lobes.

All the style used are either 14KT gold (yellow only) or titanium.

It is not advised to use white gold for any piercing.

In fact, it is banned in Canada.

White gold is mixed with nickel, a highly allergic metal to many with toxic properties if ingested into the bloodstream.

To avoid nickel leeching into the blood there are no piercings permitted by national law in Canada with white gold.

When the first piercing earring are ready to remove, you can clip off the pointy tips with a nail clipper and use the earring like any others.

Contact us at 800-567-2229 to schedule or with any questions about baby earrings.

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We are sisters, mamas, friends and now have a new president.  Waiting to buy a few extra pairs of earrings for your child or friends?  Shop and save. Wishing for a name necklace in 14KT gold?  Shop and save. Shop, save and smile, today is your lucky day women of A M E R I C A. Coupon Code HOLIDAYUSA for extra 20% off your order.

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As school begins some teachers are greeted by children with monogrammed back packs, water bottles, nap blankets and lunch bags. Its been a trend that originated back in the days of letters being sealed with wax and imprinted with the stamp and monogram of the sender and a return address.

Today it is safer for kids to have a name tag somewhere on them in case they need to be identified if lost and misplaced. Medical information can be discreetly added to the back of a name bracelet or bar necklace. The older styles of medical alert jewelry can be replaced with popular bar styles in both gold or sterling silver.  You can place your child's name on front and contact information and allergies data on the back.

The water bottle might not last the year but our necklaces will last a lifetime.

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To explain the difference between gold filled and gold plated we turn to the federal standards for the sale and description of metals that are sold as commodities.

To simplify here you go.

Gold filled by definition must!!! legally contain at least 1/20th of 12K gold in the mixture of the metals of the jewelry item. It may contain layers of brass or other base metals. There is no outer coating so this jewelry is considered water safe.

Gold Plated can be over brass or silver or any other base metal. The product is dipped into a solution containing 14KT or 18 KT gold depending on the color preference. It sits in the solution for a short period of time until the molecules bond with the base metal.

Once removed the item is called Gold Plated. Due to the fact there is only an outer coating of gold on the product it is not water safe.  In fact most mild abrasives remove the gold layer leaving the brass or other base metal to show through.

With care both can last a lifetime.


Fact or Fiction Shopping for Baby Earrings Posted on 18 Jul 10:56 , 0 comments

"They turned my child's ears red," a common remark directed to me while working with individual customers I encounter in boutiques stores during my travels.

When a mom shares that they saved 70% off (sale price $38.70) baby earrings priced at $129.

I listen to their frustration when their child can not wear their purchase anymore.

I also hear, why spend the extra money when my kid is only going to lose the good ones. Mom's are minimalists in 2016.

What is being compared is 14KT gold (plated) earrings and 14KT gold (solid) earrings for babies.

The true cost of a brass or sterling silver metal earring is between $2.00-$15.00 for trendy brands.

Using a cute pink box and bow and clever hip displays sellers transforms a $5.00 item to a suggested retail selling price of $129. ( Buyer's pay $38.70 with discounts)

Fact: The 70% off allows the seller to still make up to 7 times cost on your sale.

When Mom's tell me they don't want to spend alot of money on earrings I can offer this example. 

Fact: For 15% more or $44.50 one can buy the pearl flower earrings shown which are

14 KT gold genuine pearls/ no brass or silver.

They are 14/24 parts pure gold.

They also come in a box.

Thoughts and comments are welcome.