Does the War in Ukraine Effect the Baby Business?

Posted by Mindy Harris on

It happens when waves of immigrants come to our country and I know the tradition was planted firmly in the Miami area where I live.  This is the tradition of baby ear piercing.  the Cuban immigrants created a thriving jewelry gateway to South America in Miami that exists since the 1960's and today the children and grandchildren of those immigrants are venturing back into this industry.

The onslaught of need for baby and children's supplies has been enormous. As a part time teacher and Adult ESOL teacher we have seen the first wave of Russian immigrants assimilate here in South Florida and in other communities around the U.S. Next will be Ukrainians. 

From my experience the Russians love turquoise so we are building up our assortment and always looking for the finest in pearl and turquoise children's jewelry. When giving a gift to an immigrant consider a ring for a boy or girl as this keepsake will remind them of their childhood when they grow older.

Another lovely gift for immigrants are your time and energy to take them to the SSI office help them register for a social security card, help with introducing them to our libraries and other free public services or assistance with recommending public English classes at local high schools.

We all can offer something to the new families we will soon be meeting. If you mention this blog you can receive a discount code for $18 off your order.**   Thank you for reading and considering humanity through the things we all have in common..

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