Hanging out before a Hurricane

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thinking about the three H's in my life, History, Hollywood and Hamburgers with curiosity and respect.

With a tremendous hurricane approaching our coastline I wanted to share a photo from 1911 of the lighthouse at Hillsboro Inlet,  Lighthouse Point Florida in Broward County.

I toured the last remaining refuge house recently on Hutchinson Island to learn about the Navy's program to provide a shelter every 26 miles from Ft. Pierce to Miami.

  Today this single "refuge house" remains. It will probably be destroyed by the incoming storm. The homes had no screens on the windows so upon entering the door persons would pick up a broom to whisk off the mosquitoes off their skin.  The refuge house was large enough to accommodate 10 people for 10 days with lodging and food and fresh water and a barn.

In the past, ships that wrecked on the shore line's shoals found their survivors dying of lack of fresh water. I learned that off the coast of this small seaside location, the a German submarine sunk an American ship in 1942.  The news was never published outside of the local newspaper. Media was influenced by politics even in the 1940's.

I pray for those who will be effected by in this spectacular natural disaster of the magnificent coastline of Hutchinson Island that has dunes that remind one of Cape Cod.  The land so narrow you can own a home that stretches from ocean to inter-coastal. 

I hope that memories of these days will be recorded and will be remembered as historic.

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