Holiday 2018 Volume 1 Hannukah

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"Its 30 days to Hanukah and I have nothing stocked away in my closet yet." my girlfriend in Texas lamented.  With boys its relatively easy, video games, gift cards and more video games. With girls the choice are endless.

We suggest creating an accessories themed holiday centered around young child's favorite color or favorite animal or symbol. From peace signs to hearts, turtles to hearts our collection of earrings offers an easy pathway to building a creative, coordinated celebration of the 8 nights of Hanukah.

Night 1 hair bows in a favorite color. Blue matches lots of private school uniforms.

Night 2 Purse or Pack Its time to refresh the bag that your child carries everyday with something new maybe with sequins and also blue.

Night 3  Blue tassel key ring.

Night 4 Blue dolphin lever back earrings from Mindy Harris for your resort holiday plans.

Night 5  Blue socks.

Night 6  Blue slippers.

Night 7 Blue  sunglasses for the beach.

Night 8  Blue turtle earrings to mix and match with a sibling a friend or just to wear one style in each ear.

Many of these gifts can be purchased for less than $20 which in comparison to the cost of a video game equals about two video games for the 8 full nights of the famous celebration of the Maccabees defeat of the Greeks and Syrians.

Some things never change.  Jewish families have honored Judah Maccabees for since 160 BCE and today you can honor him again with gifts of blue and white like the flag of the State of Israel.


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