Quarantine and other Covid-19 Stories

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On February 29th my husband and I had the good fortune to see the play Hamilton performed in Miami Florida.  As I left the theater that day I walked down the staircase and held onto the hand rail thinking about all the germs that I was touching. Within a couple of days I had a cough, a productive cough where I was expelling sushi sized blobs from my lungs. Fortunately, I use an inhaler, gargled nightly and started wearing glove and a mask. 

Its for this reason that I am now thinking of adapting my business after 20 years.  I have always focused on selling to retail stores.  With so many stores having closed down since 2008 the industry has fewer and fewer Mom and Pop stores.

Some wonderful retailer in Miami and Palm Beach are long gone.  More important are the stores that remain.  So Mom's in Florida, although you are able to shop on our site today at 50% off I do plan to return to normal wholesale operations soon.

If  you need items for communion please contact us for any special requests. We have crosses, pearl earrings and pearl bracelets in stock.  We are out of pearl crosses but have diamond or plain gold crosses. 

We hope that the loss of life we have observed will come to an end very soon. I am heart broken about my old town Manhattan and all it's boroughs.  Let's keep NYC in our prayers and thoughts as some of us start to return to business again. 

Be safe, wear gloves and a mask outside. Keep your family and elderly relatives safe.

We should be back to normal when the last person dies in our State.

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