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Whether you just celebrated Easter, Passover or even attempted to Spring Clean your home in honor of the arrival of spring last weekend many of us are grateful to be alive.  I cleaned my home, started volunteering in the community and donated spare change to homeless persons from one county to the next in these last weeks. I am grateful that many of the homeless will be receiving a check for $1400.

1. How do we spend this money?

2. Should I consider Bit Coin Rocket Mortgage or Gaming stocks?

3. Should I get ahead on credit cards that are costing alot in interest. 

4. Recognize that you deserve to treat yourself to a small portion of this money for your personal use. harnessing your self control and to make smart decisions about investing and spending is an terrific goal.

5. Gold is a perfect way to spend for a little ring or baby earrings.  Mom's who are piercing their daughter's ears now are going to recycle their childhood fine quality jewelry and diamonds with their babies.   

6. Fine jewelry is an instant asset, like a share of stock, to own genuine 14K gold is to own cash. We can't wear bitcoin around our neck.

Be good, be gentle, be kind to yourself and others.  Spend wisely Mamas.

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