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To conclude the year I am going to give all my readers a holiday gift.  This will be a gift that if used will protect you from the world of identity theft.

It occurred to me before the advent of artificial intelligence that if someone wanted to pretend they were me and open a credit card there is very little information that they would need.  For security purposes many credit card companies and banks offer the use of security questions.

One's mother's maiden name is the key to my comments today.  This information can be easily obtained by a determined hacker.  My solution to this was to use an alternate mother's maiden name.

It will insure security as follows. Should one's identity be compromised the user of your credit card may be asked for your mothers maiden name.  If the name is not correct they are stopped.  I see attempts by fraudsters monthly using multiple credit cards to make a purchase until they get one that they can use.

Going forward into the world of A.I. the use of an alternate mother's  maiden name will likely help you to prove who you are. the opposite outcome of a compromise.  By using another name that only you can identity no one can utilize your credit card for long or get into your bank account.

Please consider this an option for your protection.  I selected the last name of my favorite rock and roll musician long ago and it serves me well.  Fingers crossed going into 2024.

Wishing everyone peace on earth and good will towards our fellow citizens of this planet. (My Mom is pictured note there is no drink or food just a smile and an ash tray and in fact she married this guy )

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