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A Note to My Son on Passover

As Passover approaches, I've been pondering the deep connections between the essence of this holiday and the concept of manifesting. It's fascinating how we can find reflections of this idea even in our daily prayers from the conservative Jewish prayer book.

Just as Passover symbolizes liberation and renewal, manifesting is about actively shaping our reality through intention and action. In our prayers, particularly in the Amidah, we express our deepest desires and aspirations, asking for guidance, strength, and blessings.

Consider the prayer for "Refuah Shlema," the prayer for healing. Through this prayer, we manifest our hope for physical and spiritual well-being, not just for ourselves but for all those in need. This act of collective manifestation mirrors the communal spirit of Passover, where we come together to celebrate freedom and renewal.

Similarly, the prayer for "Shalom" embodies our desire for peace and harmony, both within ourselves and in the world around us. Just as Passover signifies the end of oppression and the beginning of a new chapter, this prayer manifests our longing for a world free from conflict and suffering.

Every time we engage in prayer, we tap into the power of manifestation, aligning our thoughts and intentions with our deepest desires. As you delve into the prayers during this Passover season, remember that each word holds the potential to shape our reality and bring us closer to our dreams.

May this Passover be a time of reflection, renewal, and manifestation for you, my dear son.

With all my love,



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