Codeblue and Aging

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Reflecting on aging, I realize I'm ancient in dog years. My journey in the jewelry business began during my early years as a mother. Before my son was born, I faced pregnancies and made difficult decisions. Twice in my twenties, I experienced unplanned pregnancies, opting for abortions. During my first marital pregnancy, I nearly lost my life due to complications that led to severe hemorrhaging. In today's Florida, I found myself six weeks pregnant and faced another challenging decision. Despite pressure, I refused a procedure that could have terminated the pregnancy. That night, I hemorrhaged and was rushed to the emergency room, where medical intervention saved my life. My spouse, overwhelmed, could barely stand as I was wheeled in on a gurney.

How can a government deny women the right to choose? How can one person's decision, based on personal beliefs rather than medical expertise, dictate policy affecting millions of women? Recent changes are alarming, restricting access to essential healthcare and increasing risks for mothers and families struggling to provide for their children.

Government officials with decades of experience in handling complex issues like federal crimes and environmental regulations are being replaced. Their replacements, beholden to corporate interests, threaten to diminish protections for our communities and environment, leaving many vulnerable.

Amidst these uncertainties, the decision to bring a child into this world becomes daunting for mothers and single women alike. Support systems are eroding, leaving many to fend for themselves without adequate resources or education. Wealthy families can navigate challenges, but others face significant barriers to pursuing their dreams and careers.

As a former president once suggested, marginalized groups may find themselves relegated to precarious positions in society. This divisive rhetoric perpetuates inequality and undermines efforts towards unity and progress.

Running a country, a state, or a city requires teamwork and foresight. I've avoided delving into politics in my writing, but recent developments threaten women's rights and the government's ability to address critical issues.

The solution does not lie in marginalizing women and children or in detaining immigrants in cages. We must uphold human dignity and ensure fairness and justice for all.

I'm grateful for my age and the opportunity to continue my work as long as I choose. Yet, I'm mindful that not everyone enjoys such privilege. We've fought for women's rights before, and we must continue to champion equality and justice for all.

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