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The Power of Deborah

Posted by Mindy Harris on

Incorporating AI into my promotional work has been a game-changer, making the process both fast and enjoyable. It's like the moment kids proudly declare their homework is done in just three minutes—a testament to the warp speed of AI's productivity.

As a teacher, I harnessed the power of AI after training on three platforms during a professional development day. With minimal knowledge, I entered keywords, and after three quick edits, my content was ready. This not only saves time but also ensures a more engaging invitation to explore our collections of children's jewelry, spanning weddings, birthstones, religious milestones, and quality earrings.

In celebrating women who break barriers, I draw inspiration from Deborah in the Bible—a judge and prophetess. Her story serves as a powerful reminder for women to pursue careers and leadership roles. Utilizing AI provides the time to create meaningfully, just as Deborah's legacy inspires women to make a difference in their communities.

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Summertime Blues

Posted by ShopPad Support on Sometimes when we have a thousand reasons to be frolicking at the town pool, watching our kids, playing games, staring at our phones may be our only remaining pastime.  This can lead to depression. Where did the expression Sumertime Blues come from in our culture.  Today it is represented by the suppression of the Blue Congresswomen who are pushing into uncharted waters by challenging the racist comments made by the President of the United States to fellow citizens.  I think it is best not to give a bully a pulpit and will leave my political remarks to that. Getting back...

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