Summertime Blues

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Sometimes when we have a thousand reasons to be frolicking at the town pool, watching our kids, playing games, staring at our phones may be our only remaining pastime.  This can lead to depression. Where did the expression Sumertime Blues come from in our culture.  Today it is represented by the suppression of the Blue Congresswomen who are pushing into uncharted waters by challenging the racist comments made by the President of the United States to fellow citizens.  I think it is best not to give a bully a pulpit and will leave my political remarks to that.

Getting back to the summer time blues...there are 36,842 beautiful posts on instagram with this hashtag, #summertimeblues.  Some are people, others are compositions and a third are landscapes.  They are remarkably beautiful. This was also a song by Eddie Cochran and a film in the 1980's which I missed. 

Giant retailers run Prime Day now in lieu of Christmas in July's lack of international appeal.  Younger buyers just love to stock up and save.  I cleared a shelf in my house yesterday for FUSIA brand by @ALDI  noodle bowls which my son nicely asked me to bring home.  A seasonal item, I was shocked to find that even Aldi was showing up for prime day with specials.

You are all invited to save 25% your orders today throughout our website.  Happy shopping. Use code BASTILLEDAY19.

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