A Very Covid Holiday

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One thing I love about the holiday season is when I receive the first holiday card. Its especially nice when its the year in pictures, posed with a family wearing matching outfits describing their year past and sending blessing for me.  As a believer in religion of any type I have found myself this year yearning for a fresh Christmas Tree.

Once upon a time when I was around 17 years old my friend and I bought a last minute tree for $5.00 we spent another $5.00 on a stand and some decor which included silver tinsel.

My father, who died in the last 45 days was living elsewhere having left my mother and my mom was in the hospital having a hysterectomy.  At our age we just wanted to play and had a wonderful Christmas eve wrapping empty boxes and creating a mock tree for ourselves. 

Now that Covid has entered our lives the smell and comfort of the tree and those holiday photos is so very important and I am able to process why so many Americans of all religions are setting up trees in their homes this season. 

MY goal is to provide the most adorable earrings for little girls or boys can choose to wear in their holiday photos.   In this way I can participate in the holiday and bring a little joy to the world too!

Wishing all my retail store customers,  internet shoppers and vendors who read my blog and very safe and happy holiday season.  

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