The New Year begins with Biden or Can you Wear a Bitcoin around your Neck?

Posted by Mindy Harris on

I am not going to use this as a political platform but I will share that its been a good January for many in the jewelry business. Since so many are attending work on zoom the need for designer #highheels and purses has been replaced but the investment in serious jewelry.  Gold has been a good investment verses a new wedge sandal  to return its value. 

I write today to encourage my customers throughout the united states to enjoy the ride of the new President.

have lots of healthy children.

Take the environment and your health seriously.

I am so impressed by the young moms that I am meeting today.  From growing vegetables to farming chickens its a time for us to all be sustainable.

This is another reason to buy gold for the future. 

A BITCOIN is not where the value is when you want to sell it. Gold is stable. 

Its a piece of metal. 

Gold is a precious metal.

Bitcoin is a digital metal.

I compare this with the return to vinyl records.  I lived through oollecting them and then watching them be replaced by new technology. Now they are worth 10 times what I paid for them in the 1970's.

Do count on gold.  #bitcoing v. #gold.   

Finally, can you wear a bitcoin around your neck?

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