The New Year begins with Biden or Can you Wear a Bitcoin around your Neck?

Posted by Mindy Harris on

I am not going to use this as a political platform but I will share that its been a good January for many in the jewelry business. Since so many are attending work on zoom the need for designer heals and purses has been replaced but the investment in serious jewelry.  Gold has been a good investment verses a new wedge sandal  to return its value. 

I write today to encourage my customers throughout the united states to enjoy the ride of the new President.

have lots of healthy children.

Take the environment and your health seriously.

I am so impressed by the young moms that I am meeting today.  From growing vegetables to farming chickens its a time for us to all be sustainable.

This is another reason to buy gold for the future. 

A BITCOIN is not where the value is when you want to sell it. Gold is stable. 

Its a piece of metal. 

Gold is a precious metal.

Bitcoin is a digital metal.

I compare this with the return to vinyl records.  I lived through oollecting them and then watching them be replaced by new technology. Now they are worth 10 times what I paid for them in the 1970's.

Do count on gold.  #bitcoing v. #gold.   

Finally, can you wear a bitcoin around your neck?

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