Gaming and Gold

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Having the opportunity to observe, teach, and visit the homes of many families during in my professional life I am noticing gaming and jewelry have some things in common.  My teen students wear jewelry just as the kids did 25 years ago when I started my business.  Pokemon is still popular and the one company that was the most recognized and favored is ROBLOX.

I did a little research and learned about what is offered by Roblox and why I see their gift cards when I walk through Costco.  I learned that when they change their logo their patrons get crazy.  But its the happy place for today's teen.

This tells me that its as good as gold as an investment and therefore I recommend investing your extra money in shares of symbol RBLX and watch them grow.   I was behind META Facebook to many of you on your phone app's and now I see how all the groups have grown.

Mom's groups come in all ages depending on the age of their kids.   The Roblox mom's are also buying cool gold jewelry for their teens and for themselves. 

We are bringing back the classic single bezel diamond bracelet and its going to be an enormous seller for our customers young and old. 

Always buy quality when you invest. Do your research first.   I am making my voice here that gold is always a worthy investment.




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