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Tomorrow is election day in Florida. As I sit here I am wearing a Vote Nikki purple and gold tee shirt. Knowing that there are babies born everyday to loving families that are prepared to receive them into this world and have to means to provide to them is in my heart.  When I meet girls who are 14 or 15 years old or younger who have had children out of wedlock, without a father, or partner I wonder what made them make the choice to have their baby.

My bottom line in making this statement is that the women made a choice.  They decided to enter parenthood before they were legally able to drive a car but they had a choice.  We are a free country that the entire world admires.  We offer freedom to speak, think and write as we wish.

One day the reality of anti abortion laws will make an impact on this generation of young people and they will again be given their right to choice.  Pro Choice is also Pro Life.  When I come into the picture the baby is 4 months old and I get to meet young parents who want their kids ears pierced.  I can see the beauty of the positive aware parenting that the generation today is providing.  I can also say that there have been a few parents who were completely unable to manage their kids.

With large families their is always help.  When a woman is alone, without  a partner or family to support her one rarely sees the father stepping up to raise their children.   I support all women who have babies this year after the pandemic.  



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