To Pierce or Not to Pierce

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Did you know Mindy Harris has a trained staff to come to your home and pierce  your child's ears? 

We offer our service from newborn to ages 21 and up.

It is a concierge service with a fee of $39 within 5 miles and $59 anywhere in South Florida. ( Both ears simultaneously add $30 to the job).

We include a bottle of antiseptic for post piercing at no extra charge versus the mall store which sells this item.

We use the same system and cartridge enclosed earrings offered at a popular mall girls shop. The system covers medical liability.

With over 10 years experience we provide gentle, sterile and accurate piercing of the ear lobe or re piercing of troubled ear lobes.

All the style used are either 14KT gold (yellow only) or titanium.

It is not advised to use white gold for any piercing.

In fact, it is banned in Canada.

White gold is mixed with nickel, a highly allergic metal to many with toxic properties if ingested into the bloodstream.

To avoid nickel leeching into the blood there are no piercings permitted by national law in Canada with white gold.

When the first piercing earring are ready to remove, you can clip off the pointy tips with a nail clipper and use the earring like any others.

Contact us at 800-567-2229 to schedule or with any questions about baby earrings.

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