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Seems like just when you found the perfect pearl necklace you hold it up and see it is sized for you, not your child.

Our company creates and sells kid sized jewelry.

Our products are also guaranteed for lifetime restringing.

An average newborn bracelet is 4.5 inches. For babies over 6 months the correct size is 4.75 inches.  Shopping for a 1 year old select 5 inches.  Seeking a perfect easter or communion necklace and bracelet select size 6 inches for a bracelet and 14 inches for the necklace. All Happy Pearl sterling silver necklaces include 1 three inch extender.

To confirm that you are buying real pearls simply rub them across your front teeth. If the texture feel rough you are holding real pearls.

Thinking about what would happen if your child nibbled through the silk string many kids necklaces are strung with? 

Well to avoid a possible choking hazard we string our pearls on a nylon coated wire.  If the child were able to break their necklace their pearls would simply fall to the floor and not drop into their mouth.

Shopping for Happy Pearls by Mindy Harris assures safety, genuine pearls, real 14K gold parts and a lifetime of wear.

Our heirloom quality can be passed from generation to generation.

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