Top Questions about Children's Jewelry Materials

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Whether starting mommy and me, nursery school or kindergarten your little princess is leaving home wearing clothing to keep themselves cool comfortable and ready to learn. Selecting a pair of safety earrings for your child begins with your choice of material. Many companies offer a variety of options. I would like to give me expertise after 20 years selling children's jewelry. 1.) 14KT gold plated does not mean there is any gold in the post or body of the earring, bracelet or pendant. FACT - Gold plated is code for plating over brass or other base metals which are soft and sometimes toxic. 2.) Those cute balls with the crystals are made with polymer clay and lead coated crystals. Be aware that crystal is not Cubic Zirconia and is coated with paint that has been tested to contain lead, which is banned by the CPSC consumer product safety commission. Small tiny amounts of lead can easily be leached into the blood stream when your little one puts this in their mouth.  I have seen many 10 and 14 year old girls and boys still putting objects into their mouth that do not belong. 3.) Sterling silver can cause itching and redness in many kids. Watch carefully. 4.) 14 KT white gold contains nickel for coloring and should not be used on newly pierced ears.  Nickel is a banned metal in Canada for any piercing jewelry. 5.) Enamel coating is usually a resin based cold process and can come off with wear, washing, nail polish remover, perfume, lotions or any kind and exposure to excessive swimming pool or sea water. 6.) 14 KT Gold is a legal stamp that can be found on the post and backs of your child's earrings.  If you do not see this stamp or a stamp with .575 the item is not real gold. It may be gold filled. 7.) Gold filled jewelry can be lovely to look at but tends to me extremely soft. Much softer than 14KT gold.  You may spend less but the item will have a shorter life. To protect your child's skin from any contact with unknown metals apply clear nail polish to the backs and post of the earrings.  Buy genuine 14 KT Gold.  Be safe.


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