Summer Earring Safety

Posted by mindy harris on

We protect our kids with lotions and creams all summer long. Whether they are wearing earrings gold or  silver or a combination with enamel coloring the we offer a few easy suggestions.

To maintain the color on your enamel earrings, when applying lotion try to avoid placing lotion directly on the earrings. After swimming rinse your child and their ears with clear water. If removing the jewelry dry thoroughly before storing. 

The only jewelry that does not heat up on a hot day is real jewelry. Be safe and purchase pure metals.

Avoid stainless steel in the summer or plated gold jewelry. The later is made from tin or brass and other softer metals for molding and can crack, heat up and bend in the hot summer sun. Stainless steel jewelry can become extremely hot, like a stainless frying pan, if worn outside during a hot summer day.

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