Kid's Jewelry Basics

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A newborn receives many gifts during the precious time before and after birth. We started our company after receiving a 14K Religious Theme gold Diaper Pin after the birth of our son.  The custom was for the baby to not be out in public without protection until the baby grew their first tooth.

1.  For newborn avoid necklaces at any time.  Perhaps allow a necklace to be worn during a christening or baptism only.

2. Myth, the earlier the better for ear piercing. Truth, it is safe and easy to have your child's ears pierced at any age.  I recommend after 4 months when the baby can hold its head and understand some of their experience. 

3. If I am not doing the ear piercing I recommend using your pediatrician versus the 17 year old in the mall store.

4. Kids are allergic to different things.  When you start off with silver or non precious metals allergic reactions are very common. Symptoms include redness and itching.  You may notice your child pulling on their ears or trying to remove their earrings.  

5. Truth the best time to have a baby's ears pierced is after a nap.

6. Quickly remove the item and allow air to circulate for a few days.

7.  If symptoms still persist switch to 14 or 18K gold, no gold plated, gold filled or gold plated sterling.  

8.  Also avoid white gold for sensitive ears, since white gold contains nickel which is highly reactive.

9.  How to determine length or chain for your little one.  

I recommend 13 inch only for infant.

14 inch is appropriate for all younger children and fits up to age 12.

Over age 12 up the size to 16 inches or 15 inches if available. 

For plus + teens start with size 16 inch length. 

10.  When ordering jewelry on line be sure that you understand the return policy. Most real jewelry can be repaired.   Costume jewelry is made of either brass or softer base metals and will bend and break very easily.  Once broken these pieces cannot be repaired.

11.  Invest in the best you can afford.  With the price of gold going from 200 per oz in 1997 to 1500 today and with a high of 1800 just a few years ago you can be assured that anything you purchase will keeps its value.

12. Shop domestic.  Orders from China typically cannot be returned. 

13. Don't buy the wrong size.  Your child will only be young once.  Kids look silly wearing extra large earrings or bracelets with chain dangling down.  These pieces if selected with care will be treasured by your child long after they have grown out of their fine jewelry.

14.  If there is no stamp indicating 14 KT gold or .585 marked on the jewelry no matter what the seller states it is not real gold.  The laws of the United States UCC guides how business can sell gold and what the marking requirements are. Do not believe anything a dealer tells you to explain a missing stamp mark of authenticity.

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