The Story of the Evil Eye in 2019

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Its been 23 years since I purchased my first evil eye bracelet from the family that started my business for me from Mexico City.  I begged the Aunt to find me the same bracelet she was wearing with little aqua and white glass eyes and small Anchor links.  Within a year Aaron Basha debuted their famous large eye bracelet and baby enamel shoe collection. 

Since everything vintage is new again I was not surprised to see the new younger jewelry factories making the original Basha bracelet again.  Its very heavy and clunky and very 1995. 

Fun fact, I have worn my bracelet 24/7 for 23 years ++ and it has protected my child all these years.  I hope that the benefits of the eye will continue to protect him and keep him safe for another 23 years. 

These bracelets originally were only fabricated in Turkey.  Once the popularity grew factories in Italy and Mexico joined in manufacturing the bracelets using their high quality chain and gold parts and blending in the eyes blown by hand in Turkey. 

Copies in gold filled have been made in China and in Brazil but only the hand blown eyes from Turkey are blessed with the power to protect. The custom says that one cannot buy the bracelet for oneself.  It only has the power to protect if it is given to another person as a gift. 

I can personally attest that as a new parent the eye protects the infant without their first tooth from the envious glances of strangers.  Once the saying for this was called Kein A Hora.  This is said before our child's name is spoken to ask for protection from G-D. 

Since gold is not ever going to go down in value I expect that investing in an evil eye bracelet today will be a good deal for safety of  your loved one and also as a treasured heirloom for a lifetime.

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